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About notRainProof

notRainProof was born in 2019 as a D.T.C. (direct-to-consumer) line, with no seasons, no shows, no novelty and produced as sustainable as possible.


We are Cut & Sew
All our products are created in our atelier using raw fabrics provided by the best Portuguese factories who follow European laws and policies regarding labour relation practices.


notRainProof means honesty and transparency. We want you to wear notRainProof often and give yourself the chance to embrace vulnerability and transparency. We want you to believe in our timeless pieces to become pieces of your time.


notRainProof = vulnerable
Being vulnerable in a tangled mass of unknown energy strings, means being brave. Vulnerable does not mean weak.
If you keep your guard up high all the time people cant look into your eyes , cant read your lips , cant touch your skin ... and if they cant feel you... you re not there.


I am notRainProof
We do not mass produce and we will always prioritize ethical practices . Our goal is to minimize waste which is why we create limited collections.


Old colors don’t die, they fall asleep under our feet.
All our products are created in the most sustainable way using finest organic and recycled materials. We also give you the possibility to restore your loved pieces in our atelier . Bringing back to life old garments is our responsibility.


notRainProof is made by a creative director and short film director that will always express the values of the brand through different visuals/films/chapters . Feel free too ... just feel free

notRainProof and the notRainProof logo are trade marks and are registered in numerous jurisdictions around the world.