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How to care of your products



HOW TO CARE OF YOUR notRainProof items


Every single notRainProof item is crafted by hand in our Atelier. We don’t produce excess inventory and we focus on the quality of work and fabrics, using the softest, smoothest, organic or recycled cotton .

All garments are handcrafted using Premium Quality organic or recycled cotton imported from certified suppliers, mindful of the fact that natural resources cannot be utilized, abused and damaged indiscriminately.

notRainProof decided to embark on a path to make a concrete contribution towards protecting the planet, well-being and progress are only possible under these conditions.

Given the premise that technological advancements and style research are largely compatible with progress in the fields of ethics and the environment, notRainProof is committed to use high-quality fabrics with a low environmental impact that are equally focused on sustainability.

We recommend to care them properly to extend the life of your garments

Here are our tips on how to use and care of your products:

1.       Hand-wash your garments  separately

2.       If you will decide to use machine wash once, please don’t wash your garment with other clothes like jeans or other products. Wash your item with other garments only

  1. Do not use detergents that contain enzymes and brighteners & use the shortest spin cycle. Use Delicate Cycle and mild detergent
  2. Always separate your colors. Wash white T-shirts only with white jerseys / Black T-shirts with Black jerseys

5.       Turn your garment inside out when washing. This will help preserve the letters and logos

6.       Always hang dry on hangers your garments

7.       Do not use bleach and DO NOT IRON on prints